Are you in Oklahoma or Florida?   Which is it?

Both!  I work in Florida twice a month and maintain an offices in Melbourne, Florida as well as Bartlesville, Oklahoma.        

How many hours do I need?

It is really difficult to determine the number of hours you will need when you first book. I recommend booking the minimum, then we can always add hours if needed and determine my start/end times closer to the wedding date.

Do I need a second photographer for our wedding?

I recommend a second photographer for the ceremony and you may want a second photographer if the two of you are getting ready in different locations.  Also, depending on your timeline you may need a second photographer if you want images of the reception area completely set up without guests in the images.   If you would like photos of each table with guests, you will need a second photographer for this also.  

We love your work, but you are out of our budget.

I completely understand this!  Weddings are expensive!  If you love my work, but I don't fit within your budget, please tell me.  If I can't work within your budget, I will refer you to other fantastic photographers that fit your needs. 

What is a first look?

A "first look" is captured when the couple see each other for the first time before walking down the isle. It is private and away from family/friends. Pros/Cons -Most of my brides do this to allow for more portrait time. -groom knew he would weep like a baby when he was his bride for the first time and he wanted to do that privately. -good for winter weddings with sunset time Cons -if hair and makeup run late, it cuts into portrait time -family in photos need to be ready earlier

Should we do a first look?

Think about how you want to see your fiancé for the first time. If either of you is against the first look, don't do it. We can make almost any timeline work for great photos.

Can I share the photos you take on social media?

Yes! Please post your photos ALLLLLLL over social media and tag my business whenever possible. (@stratfordphotos)   Please like our business page:

My mom wants to print photos at Walmart. Can she do this?

Absolutely.  However, we recommend Mpix and Artifact Uprising for printing photographs.

See our other recommendations below for Save the Date products, etc.

Do you retouch my photos?

It is a very awesome feeling to look at beautiful photos of yourself and realize that is exactly how you look. And 40 years from now to look back and say "that was me! I wasn't "photoshopped" something very few people can say these days. God has made you beautiful. And professional hair and makeup are a bonus. That all said, I realize everyone has areas they are self conscious about. If you don't mind sharing that with me, I will photograph you in a way to minimize this. 

Can I add you as a friend on Facebook or is that weird?

Please do!!  

(Warning: My personal Facebook is made up almost entirely of posts about my kid... :p )

Seriously though, I would love to connect with you in any way I can!  

A few tips:

The larger the getting ready Location, the better. 

Try to pick up the room a little before the photographer gets there.

Gather detail items you'd like photographed (shoes, jewelry, invitations, etc) in one place.  

Tell people you like to sit on the isle, we may get their reaction in photos as you walk down the aisle.  (Preferably these people won't be taking selfies as you walk down the aisle.)

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